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Trim Boss

Trim Boss

  • ✪THE INDESTRUCTIBLE TRIMMER HEAD: The upgraded steel wire brush trimmer head is made of stainless steel disc and 0.5mm spring steel wire. The inner disc adopts the latest steel wire positioning hole design to prevent the steel wire from shifting during use, more firmer. the combination of wire positioning hole and improved knotting design makes it a more efficient and aggressive wire brush blade on the market. Can still work when hit by stones and clumps. Long life compared to other trimmers.
  • ✪NON-UNIVERSAL ADAPTER: The string trimmer adapter is a non-universal adapter. It is only fit straight-shaft trimmers with 10 gears. It is not fit curved shafts and trimmers with different gears. The wire weed trimmer head has stronger impact, Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and surface conditioning. Compatible with stihl FS91, FS110, FS130, FS200, FR85, FS-KM, and more. (☛Please Check The Adapter Size and Compatibility Before Purchasing, See more compatibility In "Product Description" below☟)
  • ✪EASY-TO-INSTALL: GS Alderaul grass trimmer head is easy to install and remove, follow the installation steps in the installation manual in the package, Simply place the brush cutter head on the top bolt of the straight shaft trimmer, and then use the washer and nut to fix it can be used normally. The spool on the trimmer can be easily replaced with the combination tool in the grass trimmer blade adapter kit, The installation is tight and there is almost no vibration.
  • ✪MULTIFUNCTIONAL BRUSH CUTTER ATTACHMENT: the wire brush for string trimmer are great for garden, walkways, lawn, plant wall, car park, remove heavy rust, cement slag, paint, spatter and scale removal, clean up welding edge. Especially in lawn trimming, removing moss and weeds between corners and paving tiles, It can cover all the weeds around the tree and has a better trimming effect. The trimmer replacement head is a practical alternative to using a twisted steel wire instead of a saw blade.
  • ✪WHAT YOU GET: The steel wire trimmer head kit contains: 1xTwisted knot string trimmer brush, 1 x Thrust washer, 1 x Rider plate, 1 x Collar nut, 1 x Maintenance screwdriver, 1 x Bevel washer, 1 x Allen wrench, 1 x T-wrench,1 x Manual. The weed trimmer head and brush blade adapter is everything you need to replace and install your weed eater, the weed eater brush adopts welding fixation and strong kink, the wire is not easy to fall, The structure of the lawn trimmer blade is firm and stable.
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